• housing diameter: 4" / 100 mm, 6.3" / 160 mm, 9.8" / 250 mm
  • accuracy class 1.0
  • brass or stainless steel versions
  • process connection: G or NPT 1/2" bottom or back
  • versions with front or back ring or with clamp for panel mounting available
  • options: alarm contacts, analog output, special scales, special connections, filling
  • max. temperature: 200 °C
  • ranges:
      -1000...0 mbar - 0…2500 bar

More informations

Model series PMR04 Bourdon tube pressure gauges can be supplied in brass or stainless steel versions, with filled or unfilled gauges. A coiled, drawn brass or stainless steel tube filled with the fluid or gas being monitored is deformed to an extent depending on the pressure exerted by the fluid or gas. The resulting movement of the coil is transmitted to an indica­tor mechanism with a graduated display. This movement can be dampened by means of an optionally available liquid filling so that any vibrations have far less impact on the accuracy and stability of the reading. The natural lubricating properties of this liquid filling also reduce wear to moving parts, entry of caustic/corrosive gases and accumulation of condensation.

The stainless steel version allows pressure measurement of even the most caustic liquids and gases. These pressure gauges are fitted with a threaded connection at the bottom or on the back. They may also be fitted with up to four limit con­tacts or with a transmitter for remote transmission of the mea­sured value.

Typical applications

Bourdon tube gauges are used throughout industry and are especially suitable for taking measurements at locations where there is no supply of electrical power available. Model PMR04 Bourdon tube pressure gauges, with a brass respon­sive element, are frequently used in industrial machinery and systems, on pumps, compressors, or block-type thermal power stations (BTTPs) since in these applica­tions they only need to meet minimal requirements for with­standing the effects of the media being monitored.

In contrast, PMR04 Bourdon tube pressure gauges of stain­less steel are designed to withstand contact with the very caustic/corrosive media often encountered in the chemical and petrochemical industries, the food and beverage indus­tries, pharmaceutical production processes or in power plants, where they have provided the best service for dec­ades. When fitted with the optionally available switching con­tacts or analogue output, these gauges can also be used for electronic pressure monitoring.

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