• for low viscous liquids or gases
  • for pipe sizes from 3/8" to 2 1/2"
  • measuring tubes made of PVC, PA, PSU, or PVDF
  • max. pressure: 145 psi / 10 bar
  • max. temperature: up to 230 °F / 110 °C
  • accuracy: +/- 4% f. s.
  • with up to 2 switch contacts or analogue transmitter
  • ranges:
    0.8-6.3 GPH ... 44-220 GPM water
    3-24 l/h ... 10000-50000 l/h water

    7-35 SCFH ... 44-220 SCFM air
    0.2-1 Nm3/h ... 400-1500 Nm3/h air (0 bar rel., 20 °C)

More informations

The flowmeters model DS15 works according to the proven variable area principle. The float is moved upward by the flow­ing medium and its upper edge indicates the flow rate by means of a scale affixed onto the measuring tube. By using a float with an integrated magnet optional alarm contacts or an analogue output transmitter may be operated.

All flowmeters have a male thread on the measuring tube and are additionally equipped with PVC glue-in connectors. Also possible are connectors with female thread (BSP) made of PVC, PP, PVDF, brass or st. steel.

Typical applications

The variety of different materials used and the simple to exchange measuring scales make these meters universally suitable for most liquid and gaseous media, also suitable for very aggressive media. Main applications are in the water treatment industry, in waste water applications, chemical and food industry and many more.

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Variable Area Flowmeters

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