• flush with tank wall, occupies no space in the tank
  • suitable for MIN or MAX alarm
  • membrane made of Neoprene, FKM or stainless steel
  • max. pressure: atmospheric, max. temperature: 392 °F / 200 °C
  • output signal: SPDT relay with very high switch rating (15 A / 250 V)

More informations

The membrane-level transmitter of the model series FF04 consists of a plastic- or aluminum housing with a membrane which is held by a fastening ring. The devices get installed flush with the tank wall. So they do not extend into the tank.

The bulk material pushes against the membrane, which is pre­stressed by a spring, thereby it activates a micro-switch. Depending on the sort and the weight of the bulk the devices can be delivered with different membrane-diameters and dif­ferent membrane-materials.

Typical applications

For all bulks, from free flowing till hardly flowing, in pressure-less tanks.

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Level Switches for Bulk Materials

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