• for low viscous liquids and gases
  • high accuracy: class 1.6
  • material: armature and process connection from stainless steel 1.4404
  • different materials for float
  • max. pressure: 16 bar, max. temperature: 100 °C
  • with switch contact (optional with ATEX design)
  • ranges:
    water: 0,001...0,025 - 1000...10000 l/h
    air: 0,095..1,9 - 16000...160000 Nl/h

More informations

The flowmeter DS12 operates according to the proven vari­able area principle. They devices must be mounted vertically with flow direction from bottom to top.

They consist of a tapered glass measuring tube with a free rotating float. Because of the special design the devices have a very low pressure drop a high measuring accuracy. The glass measuring tube allows a direct display of the flow rate and a visual monitoring of the medium. Because of its length of 300 mm it offers a high resolution.

The measured value can be read at the upper edge of the float. Therefore is a scale burned in the measuring tube. Optionally the flowmeter can be equipped with an adjustable limit switch.

Typical applications

Because of the wide choice of measuring ranges the flow­meter DS12 can be used in the entire industry. for measuring of low flow rates, water from 0.002...0.025 l/h, air from 0.1...1.75 Nl/h, as well as high flow rates, water until 1...10 m³/h, air until 15...160 Nm³/h. The devices are par­ticulary appropriate for a high accuracy, class 1,6, with high resolution or they can indicate low inlet pressures (eg. test rig).

A variety of connections allows universal application. As standard there are BSP and NPT threads available. Optionally the devices can be equipped with a bonded socket, hose fit­ting in various materials depending on the application.

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Variable Area Flowmeters

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