• process connection: G 1/4 female or 1/4" NPT female
  • viscosity independent up to 200 mPas
  • wetted parts: PP, ECTFE, stainless steel, PEEK
  • puls-, analogue- or switch output
  • all plastic version available
  • max. pressure: 20 bar, max. temperature: 80 °C
  • ranges:
    8...40 l/h and 14...80 l/h

More informations

The DOZ01 oval gear flowmeter measures the volume flow of liquid media of water up to a maximum viscosity of 200 cSt, regardless of the actual viscosity of the medium.

In a measuring chamber, two toothed oval gears are rotated by the flowing medium. This rotation is detected by a Hall sensor and output as a pulse. The output frequency of these pulses is directly proportional to the flow rate. Alternatively, the pulse output can be converted into an analogue output signal 4...20 mA or into 2 limit contacts by a downstream electronic circuit. The oval gear flowmeters can be supplied in various material combinations such as PP, ECTFE or stainless steel with oval gears made of PEEK.

A wide variety of axes and seals allow the DOZ01 to be adapted to a wide variety of media. Two measuring ranges (8...40 l/h and 14...80 l/h) are available.

Typical applications

The DOZ01 oval gear flowmeters are used wherever the flow rate of liquids with different viscosities must be measured reliably and cost-effectively, e.g.:

  • in central lubrication systems
  • for transformer oils
  • for aggressive liquids in the chemical industry

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