• for liquids and gases
  • for pipe sizes from 1"
  • wetted parts: brass or stainless steel
  • integrated micro switch with high switch rating
  • microswitch, adjustable switch point
  • easy mounting: G 1 A thread for liquids, mounting plate for air
  • max. pressure: up to 30 bar, max. temperature: up to 120 °C
  • DN 25 (0,6...2,1 m³/h) up to DN 300 (1...8 m/s)

More informations

The flow switches model DPS10 transmit the flow-dependent displacement of the paddle installed in the piping by means of a bellows and a spring-loaded rocker mechanically connected to a heavy-duty micro switch.

The switching point can be changed by adjusting the spring preload. The three standard paddles can be used in piping with nominal size of 1” to 3”. A fourth paddle can be used for larger nominal sizes or to reduce the switching values through appropriate shortening to the desired length.

In addition, the DPS10 is available in a design with a reduced adjustment range, so that it can also be used for minimum switching values.

Typical applications

DPS10 paddle switches can be used wherever reliable monit­oring of liquid flow is required. The switches are used for mon­itoring both minimum and maximum flow.

Typical applications areas are: monitoring of cooling and lub­rication circuits, dry-running protection for pumps or for mon­itoring loss of flow. Their sturdy construction allows them to be reliably used in many industrial applications.

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