• flow limitation without auxiliary power supply
  • brass or stainless steel versions.Process connections: G 3/4 to G 3
  • saves energy by limiting the flow of liquids to the necessary flow rate
  • max pressure: 10 bar, max. temperature: 200 °C
  • flow rates:
    factory set from 1 to 270 l/min

More informations

The model SB03 flow limiters are used to limit the flow of water or waterlike media to a fixed value. They make sure that this fixed flow rate stays constant despite varying upstream or downstream pressures. Contrary to the commonly used products of this kind the SB03 limiter do notutilize a plastic membrane as limiting device. Instead the SB03 work with a spring loaded stainless steel variable orifice. Due to the differ­ential pressure across the limiter this variable orifice changes its aperture continuously. Through increasing the orifice size with falling pressure or decreasing it with rising pressure the flow rate will always remain constant.

Typical applications

For water and waterlike media. Usable in water distribution systems in the industry, in carwash installations, for sanitary applications and in water treatment systems.

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