• sizes from 63 to 250 mm diameter
  • housing material stainless steel
  • with directly mounted stem or with capillary
  • sensor element and process connection configured individually
  • scales in °C or °F
  • limit switches or analog output signals optionally
  • accuracy: 1.6 %, 1 % or 0.6 % of f.s.
  • various accessories (temperature recorders etc.) available
  • max Druck: 25 bar
  • ranges:
    from -200...50 to 0...800 °C

More informations

Model series TZ04 dial thermometers feature a housing with integral gauge mechanism and a sensor system that is either attached directly or by means of a capillary tube.

The sensors are filled with neutral nitrogen, which transmits the temperature information. The gauge mechanism reacts to the pressure exerted by the nitrogen in the sensor system, causing corresponding movement of the gauge indicator needle.

Typical applications

Because they are available in a variety of designs, TZ04 dial thermometers can be used in almost any kind of application where it is necessary to measure process temperatures by means of a local or remote gauge.

In addition, limit contacts, analogue output signals or an optionally available temperature recorder (thermograph) allow the temperature information to be evaluated and upstream or downstream processes to be controlled.

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Temperature Measurement

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