• analogue output 4...20 mA (current loop HART)
  • optional with display and additional limit value contacts
  • MIN/MAX memory
  • universal as pressure switch, pressure sensor and/or as pressure indication applicable
  • easy programming of limit value contacts and the analogue output via keys without pressurisation
  • head of display rotable approx. 330° and mirror-inverted 180° possible
  • max. temperature: 80 °C
  • ranges:
    -1 ...0 - 0...1000 bar

More informations

The piezoresistive measuring cells used in the PSA20 guarantee high-quality pressure measurement combined with high precision and a long life time.

The integrated LED display (option) is used for continuous pressure indication and allows a simple adjustment of the pressure sensor together with the programming keys. Due to the rotatable display and the rotatable pressure connection, there are almost no restrictions for mounting. The programming of the device without display is done by the factory or via HART® communication.

Typical applications

The pressure sensor is suitable for almost all liquid and gaseous media and is used in vacuum technology (pump control), gas technology (stock monitoring, leakage detection), filter monitoring (pollution detection) as well as for various measurement tasks in hydraulics and pneumatics, in process engineering and in building technology.

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