• nominal size 60 mm
  • brass or stainless steel versions
  • with or without glycerine filling
  • process connections: G 1/4 bottom or back
  • short delivery times, even for special versions
  • filled or unfilled
  • max. temperature: 100 °C
  • ranges:
    0...0.6 bar to 0...1600 bar
    -1..+0.6 bar to -1...+15 bar

More informations

The bourdon tube gauges of the PMR02 series can be sup­plied in brass or stainless steel, filled or unfilled.

A drawn brass or stainless steel tube formed into a spiral is filled with the medium and deforms depending in the pres­sure. This movement is indicated by a pointer measuring mechanism, which can be damped by means of the optionally available glycerine filling, so that vibrations or oscillations are only shown to advantage in a greatly reduced form. The wear of the moving parts is also reduced by the natural lubrication of the glycerine, and the penetration of corrosive gases and the formation of condensation water is prevented.

The stainless steel design allows pressure measurement even in the most aggressive liquids and gases. The pressure gauges are optionally equipped with a G ¼ A threaded con­nection at the bottom or rear.

Typical applications

Bourdon tube pressure gauges are used throughout industry and are particularly suitable for measuring points where no electrical supply is available. PMR02 series pressure gauges, in steel or brass design, are often used especially in mechani­cal and plant engineering, on pumps, compressors or BHKW´s, since only light requirements are often placed on the media resistance.

The PMR02 stainless steel chemical pressure gauges, on the other hand, are resistant to much more aggressive media and are often used in the chemical and petrochemical industries, in the food sector, in pharmaceutical production or in power stations, where they have been delivering the best results for decades.

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