• housing diameter: 100, 160, 250 mm
  • accuracy class: 1,6
  • housing stainless steel, upper and lower flange from aluminium or stainless steel
  • process connection G 1/2 bottom, flanges DN 25, DN 50 DN 64 or ANSI
  • max. temperature: 100 °C
  • ranges:
    -1200...0 mbar to 0...400 mbar

More informations

The diaphragm pressure gauges are equipped with a thin, cir­cular, corrugated diaphragm which is fixed between two flanges and is exposed to the medium on one side. The deflection of the diaphragm caused by the medium pressure is indicated by a pointer mechanism.

Diaphragm pressure gauges are insensitive to vibrations and can optionally be supplied with high overpressure safety. Due to an appropriate coating of the diaphragm, the devices can also be used under particularly rough conditions and aggres­sive media.

Typical applications

Due to their design principle and material selection, diaphragm pressure gauges meet the tough requirements that arise when used in industrial production plants.

Open connecting flanges allow the use even with highly vis­cous crystallizing and contaminated media, since tehere are no dead spaces in this design which allow the build-up of deposits. Diaphragm pressure gauges are often used in the food and beverage industry as well as in machine, plant and apparatus engineering.

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Pressure Gauges

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