• housing diameter (round housing): 60, 100, 160 mm
  • rectangular housings from plastic:
    72x72mm, 96x96 mm, 144x144 mm, 144x72 mm, 192x96 mm
  • connection brass or stainless steel
  • process connection: G 1/4 bottom or back connection for dia. 63 mm,
    G1/2 for dia. 100 and 160 mm,
    G 1/2 back for rectangular housings
  • measuring element: copper alloy or stainless steel
  • optionally with glycerine filling
  • max. Temperatur: 100 °C
  • ranges:
    -25...+15 mbar to 0...600 mbar

More informations

The PMK04 capsule pressure gauges are used to measure small negative and positive overpressures of gaseous media. The measuring element of such a device consists of two diaphragm halves welded together, which actuate a pointer measuring mechanism from the inside when pressure is applied, which indicates the system pressure on an aluminium scale.

The devices are available in a brass version and in a stainless steel version. The overload protection up to 25 mbar is 6 times the full scale value, with larger measuring ranges 10 times.

The devices are available in stainless steel housings of nominal sizes 63, 100 or 160 mm with radial bottom or centric rear connection.

Other version are available on request.

Typical applications

Capsule pressure gauges are ideal for measuring very low pressure.

All DIN levels are available between 0…6 mbar and 0…600 mbar in the positive or −25…15 mbar and −400…0 mbar in the negative overpressure range.

Typical applications can be found in medial technology, air conditioning technology, gas generation or in laboratories. Applications are e.g. leak tests, filter condition measurements, exhaust gas measurements or in the stainless steel version the monitoring of aggressive, corrosive gases.

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