• two coupled measuring systems for direct indication of differential pressure
  • static pressure approx. 4 x measuring range
  • housing diameter 100 or 160 mm
  • accuracy class: 1,6
  • housing stainless steel, wetted parts stainless steel
  • process connections: 1/2", 3/8", 1/4" G or NPT
  • all mounting versions
  • fully welded design
  • optional limit switches available
  • max. temperature: 100 °C
  • ranges:
    0...0.6 bar to 0..16 bar

More informations

The differential pressure gauges PDR04 have two bourdon tube measuring systems which are coupled together in such a way that only the pressure difference between the two inputs is displayed on the scale via the pointer mechanism.

An additional, rotatable scale as with other double bourdon tube systems in therefore not necessary.

The devices are always supplied completely in stainless steel in the housing size 100 or 160 mm.

Housing versions are available for practically all installation situ­ations. Optionally, limit switches can be installed in the devices.

Typical applications

The differential pressure gauges PDR04 are mainly used in the following areas of application:

  • filter monitoring
  • petrochemistry
  • shipbuilding
  • offshore applications
  • flow measurement by means of orifice plates or acc. to the differential pressure principle

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