• Low-cost version
  • with two measuring chambers divided by a diaphragm
  • housing diameter 100 or 160 mm
  • accuracy class 2,5
  • housing stainless steel, wetted parts stainless steel, seals Viton or PTFE
  • process connections: 1/2", 3/8", 1/4" G or NPT
  • all mounting versions
  • static pressure 20 bar, overload protection approx. 4 x measuring range (max. 20 bar)
  • max. temperature: 80 °C
  • ranges:
    0...0.6 bar bis 0..16 bar

More informations

The differential pressure gauges PDP02 have two measuring chambers which are separated from each other by a diaphragm. Different pressures in the two measuring cham­bers cause a deflection of the diaphragm, which is indicated on the scale by a pointer mechanism.

The devices are always supplied completely in stainless steel with FKM and PTFE seals in housing sizes 100 or 160 mm. Housing versions for practically all installation situations are available.

Typical applications

The differential pressure gauges PDP02 are mainly used in the following areas of application:

  • filter monitoring
  • petrochemistry
  • oil and gas applications
  • shipbuilding
  • off-shore applications
  • general industrial applications
  • flow measurement by means of orifice plates or according to differential pressure principle

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