• reliable and robust technology
  • threaded connection, tank connection or flanges
  • mounting from top or bottom of tank
  • design of stainless steel, titanium, PVC, PP or PVDF
  • contacts available as N/O, N/C or changeover
  • max. pressure: 80 bar, max. temperature: 350 °C
  • Ex-Version acc. to ATEX optional
  • max. length of sliding pipe: 6000 mm

More informations

The FS10 level sensor is based on a float with magnetic transmission technology. The sensor is comprised of a guide tube with embedded Reed contacts, one or more floats with fitted ring magnets and a process connection module. The float is raised by the rising liquid in the tank and operates a Reed contact through the guide tube wall by means of the magnetic field produced by permanent magnets located in the float. This Reed contact can be designed as a NO, NC or changeover function.

Float stops mounted on the guide tube prevent the float from passing the contact, this assures bistable switching. Consequently, a maximum of 2 contacts per float can be operated. If more contacts are fitted, more floats must be used.

Typical applications

FS10 magnetic float level sensors are suitable for monitoring the level of practically all liquids, e.g. as a full or empty tank sensor, for controlling valves and pumps and for alarm function. The potential free Reed contacts fitted in the level sensor make it an ideal control element when coupled with PLC controllers

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Float Level Switches

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