• for almost all liquids
  • level measurement independent of foam, conductivity, pressure or temperature
  • of stainless steel, different plastics or coated st.st.
  • can be mounted inwards or outwards
  • interface measurement of liquids with different densities possible
  • max. pressure: 40 bar, max. temperature: 250 °C
  • guide tube: up to 6000 mm

More informations

The level sensors of the type series FN06 operate according to the float principle with magnetic transmission.

The float is lifted by the rising liquid level in the vessel and actuates the contacts of a reed contact / resistance chain in the guide tube by the magnetic field of the permanent magnet in the float. The output signal is a voltage proportional to the level.

Typical applications

The FN06 level transmitters are suitable for measuring and monitoring the level of almost all liquid media which do not attack the materials used, in containers up to 6 m high.

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Float Level Indicators and Transmitters

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