• high accuracy measurement
  • high resolution < 0,1 mm
  • free from wear and low maintenance, no recalibration
  • linear
  • intensitive to vibrations
  • max. pressure: 40 bar, max. temperature: 185 °C
  • sliding pipe: up to 5800 mm

More informations

A float carrying a permanent magnet moves up and down a sliding tube supported by the liquid level.

This tube contains a magnetostrictive wire through which the electronics send short current pulses that carry a ring-shaped magnetic field around them. If this field hits the static magnetic field of the float magnet, the result is a torsion pulse which moves towards the sensor head at ultrasonic speed and is detected here.

The time between emission of the current and arrival of the impulse is directly proportional to the distance of the float and thus to the filling level. It is measured and converted into a 4...20 mA current signal which is available at the output of the device.

Typical applications

The sensor is used wherever small to medium filling levels, even of aggressive media, are measured. The magnetostrictive measuring principle guarantees highest accuracy and, due to its hermetically sealed stainless steel construction, good resist­ance.

The user can use the output signal either proportional to the filling level or to the empty height. These characteristics qualify the FN02 especially for use in the chemical and pharmaceut­ical industries, in biotechnical plants, as well as in the pulp, paper and food industries, especially since the sensor can be supplied with Ex zone 0 approval.

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