• for low viscous liquids and gases
  • for pipe sizes 1/4" or 3/8"
  • all wetted parts stainless steel AISI 316 TI
  • max. pressure: up to 160 bar
  • temperature range: -180 °C to +200 °C
  • options: limit switches, analogue output, regulating valve, up- or downstream flow regulators
  • ranges:
    0.1-1 l/h ... 25-250 l/h water
    4.5-45 Nl/h ... 800-8000 Nl/h air @ 1.031 bar abs., 20 °C

More informations

The model series DS20 flow meters work according to the suspended float principle of measurement. The device has a cone- shaped float that moves within a cylindrical measuring tube. The flowing gas or liquid moves the float in the direction of the flow. The movement of the float is transmitted magnet­ically to a dial indicator mounted outside on the measuring tube. The indicator is fitted with a scale appropriate for the operating range encountered. If necessary, the indicator can also be fitted with contacts or an analogue output.

Typical applications

Model series DS20 flow meters are intended to measure and monitor gases or low- viscosity liquids, such as those found in applications like cooling systems for welding machines, laser and tube systems, pump monitoring, compressors, etc. Since all parts coming in contact with the medium being monitored are made of high- quality st. steel 1.4571, this device is also suitable for use with caustic/ corrosive media.

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