• for low viscous liquids and gases
  • fittings of brass or stainless steel
  • max. pressure: up to 10 bar
  • max. temperature: up to 100 °C
  • standard version with needle valve
  • with up to 2 limit switches
  • ranges:
    0.011...0.11 GPH to 4.2...42 GPH water
    0.04...0,4 l/h to 16...160 l/h water
    0.018...0.18 SCFH to 18...180 SCFH air
    0.5...5 to 500...5000 l/h air

More informations

The flowmeters DS10 operate according to the proven vari­able area principle. The flowing media moves a float upwards against gravity in a conical measuring tube. The height of the float indicates the flow rate and may be read off a burnt-in scale on the measuring tube.

Optional inductive contacts, which are mounted on the meas­uring tube, may be used for flow rate limit detection. All meters are equipped with an integrated needle valve for exactly regulating the flow rate.

Typical applications

Variable area flowmeters model DS10 are mainly used for measuring and monitoring the flow rate of low- viscous liquid and gaseous media.

Scales for water or air at standard operating conditions have already been defined. For other media or different process conditions special scales are available.

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Variable Area Flowmeters

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