• because of angle seat exchange without general removing
  • any position wothout recalibration
  • compact design even for high flow rates
  • high switching accuracy
  • design of brass
  • analogue transmitter 4...20 mA available
  • max. pressure: 10 bar, max. temperature: 160 °C
  • ranges:
    2,5...25 l/min, 10...100 l/min

More informations

The flowmeter and switch model DS09 works according to a modified variable area principle. The float is guided by the flowing medium into an angled seat measuring chamber. Together with the float, the flow indicator, in which a magnet is integrated, is also moved.

A reed contact or an analogue transmitter can be mounted outside the device. The reed contact is encapsulated in a continuously adjustable housing and thus protected from external influences.

When the float reaches the position of the Reed contact the switch will close. With higher flows the float moves further upward until it reaches a built-in float stop, still keeping the switch closed. This ensures a bistable switch function at any time. The Reed contact is adjustable over the full switching range of the meter.

Mounting position and funcional reliability

The device can be used in any mounting position by installing a spring which pushes the float back into its initial position against the flow.

The spring force and magnetic float guarantee absolute func­tional reliability.

Due to the angled seat of the measuring chamber, the device can be removed for maintenance work without complete removal. In addition, the angled seat ensures a large flow rate in a small space.

Typical applications

The DS09 variable area flowmeters and monitors are used to measure and monitor low-viscosity liquids in the following areas:

  • cooling systems
  • mechanical engineering
  • medical techno­logy
  • research and development

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Variable Area Flowmeters

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