• for pipe sizes from 1/8" up to 1"
  • for medium viscosities up to 100.000 cSt
  • materials: housing grey cast iron or stainless steel, gear wheels steel or stainless steel
  • max. pressure: 480 bar
  • max. temperature: 210 °C
  • accuracy: +/- 0.3% of measured value
  • optionally: Ex-version with separate isolation amplifier
  • ranges:
    0.008-2 l/min ... 3-700 l/min

More informations

The measuring mechanism of the flow meter DV04 consists of a pair of gears which are driven by the liquid flow according to the operating principle of a gear pump.

The movement bearing is designed as plain bearing or ball bearing. The movement of the gears is scanned by two magnetoresistive sensors, which are hermetically separated from the measuring chamber and phase-shifted by 90°.

This two-channel scanning enables a higher measured value resolution as well as the detection of the flow direction by means of suitable electronics. As an option, all devices are available in explosion-proof design with separate switching amplifier. The gearwheel flow meter DV04 is characterized by very low flow resistance and particularly low sound pressure level.

Typical applications

Due to the outstanding measuring accuracy, combined with the high resolution, these devices are particularly suitable for use in test benches for measuring small and very small flow rates.

Further fields of application:

  • consumption measuring
  • control of filling processes
  • dosage of oils and chemicals
  • flow measurement of paints and varnishes
  • ratio control of polyol and isocyanate

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Oval Wheel, Nutating Disc and Gear Wheel Flowmeters

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