• for liquids
  • robust housing of brass
  • no inlet or outlet pipe runs needed
  • max. pressure: 10 bar,  max. temperature: 80 °C
  • optionally with built on display and control unit
  • ranges:
    50...3000 l/h (G ¾ male)
    100...5000 l/h (G 1 male)
DR58 Brass paddle wheel flow meter

More informations

The plastic paddle wheel flow meter of the DR58 series measure the flow of water and water-like media. They consist of a sensor and an optional transmitter.

The sensor has a paddle wheel which is mounted in a hous­ing made of POM or ECTFE and is rotated by the flowing medium. This rotary motion is picked up by a Hall sensor sys­tem and emitted as a flow-proportional frequency signal. A convenient control unit with display is available as an option, which can also be mounted on the flow meter.

Typical applications

The DR58 impeller flow meters are very resistant to many process media due to their robust design made of brass. Almost all low-viscosity liquids can be measured reliably and cost-effectively with this device.

  • cooling circuits
  • osmosis plants
  • electroplating / photo industry
  • agriculture / gardening
  • filling plants / washing plants

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