• for liquid media, viscosity up to 700 mPa s (cPoise)
  • process connection: 3/4" male, 1" male, 1 1/4" male, 1 1/2" female and 2" female
  • materials: PPO, brass, Vectra, stainless steel
  • output signals: pulse output (Reed, PNP, NPN or NAMUR)
  • optional with separate display and analoge and pulse output (NPN)
  • max. pressure: 16 bar, max. temperature: 120 °C
  • ranges:
    1...100 l/min up to 8...643 l/min

More informations

Nutating disc meters measure the volume flow directly. In the spherical measuring chamber there is – as a movable chamber wall – the nutating disc with a central bearing, which is driven by the liquid flowing through it. With each complete wobble movement, a defined volume flows through the measuring chamber. An O-ring seal at the outlet guarantees that the incoming medium can only leave the meter through the measuring chamber, thus ensuring measuring accuracy. The number of nutating disc movements is transmitted via a magnetic coupling to the surface-mounted device.

Typical applications

Nutating disc meters of the DND01 series are mainly used for clean to slightly contaminated liquids, hard and demineralised water, oils, fuels and solvents.

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Oval Wheel, Nutating Disc and Gear Wheel Flowmeters

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