• LCD display for flow and total
  • linearised analogue output signal 4...20 mA, 0...10 V or frequency
  • 2 independent limit switches (relays)
  • max. pressure: 25 bar, max. temperature: 100 °C
  • optional RS-232 interface
  • insensitive to dirty/contaminated media
  • simple mounting, for pipes up to DN 600
  • switching ranges:
    1,5 l/min ... 4500 m³/h

More informations

The DP07 flowmeter work according to the paddle-bellows principle. By the flow of the liquid the paddle arm is moved in the direction of the flow against the force of a spring. This motion is transferred to a magnet and its position is detected by a Hall sensor. A microprocessor based electronic unit cal­culates according to a calibration curve the actual flow of the medium.

A two chamber system assures that even in the case of a device fault no medium can ingress the electronic housing.

Typical applications

The DP07 flow transmitters are used to supervise the flow of low viscosity media up to large flows.

Especially in the case of pipes bigger than DN 50 there is an unchallenged price performance ratio due the use of a weld on nozzle.

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Paddle Type Flowmeters and Switches

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