• for liquids
  • large 270° pointer indicator
  • for pipe diameters from 3/8" to DN 600
  • insensitive against dirty media and electromagnetic fields
  • medium hermetically sealed from switching element by means of a stainless steel bellows
  • materials: brass, stainless steel or PVC
  • max. pressure: 16 bar, max. temperature: 100 °C
  • with 1 or 2 highly rated microswitches (250 V, 10 A)
  • measuring and switching ranges:
    1-5 l/min ... 1250-4500 m³/h water

More informations

The flow meters and switches model DP06 operate according to the paddle-bellows principle. The flowing liquid pushes against the surface area of a paddle mounted at the end of a pivoting arm.

The arm is deflected against the force of a spring. This deflection is mechanically transmitted to a 270° dial-gauge display and a separately adjustable contact unit. A bellow system seals the liquid off from the mechanism. In case of malfunction, the spring returns the paddle plate to the zero position (no flow), which causes the system to automatically signal a fault.

Typical applications

The DP06 paddle-bellows flow meter and switch is suitable for monitoring thin and low-viscosity liquids in average to large flow volumes, e.g. for industrial water circuits because they are relatively insensitive to dirty / contaminated fluids.

For nominal pipe sizes over DN 50, installation with an intermediate mounting flange yields a price/ performance ratio of exceptional economy.

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Paddle Type Flowmeters and Switches

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