• paddle-type flow switch for liquids
  • paddle can be cut individually for DN 20 to DN 200
  • with screw-in adaptor for T-fitting or direct installation into the pipe
  • stabile switching points because of contra magnet technic
  • plastic or stainless steel paddle
  • max. pressure: PN 25, max. temperature: 110 °C
  • couses ony slight pressure loss
  • reed contact switching function depends only on flow, not on pressure and temperature of fluid
  • switching ranges:
    1,1...30 m³/h

More informations

The model DP04 flow switches operate according to the pad­dle principle. The flowing liquid pushes against the surface area of a paddle mounted at the end of a pivoting arm. The dynamic pressure against the plate deflects the arm. This motion causes a permanent magnet attached on the other end of the arm to switch an adjustable reed contact located outside the liquid being monitored. By moving the reed con­tact, different switching points can be set.

Two repulsive magnets generate the restoring force. This results in better long-term stability and higher tolerance to pressure peaks.

The possibility of installing the flowmeter directly in the pipe­line and shortening the paddle individually results in very flexi­ble areas of application.

Typical applications

The DP04 paddle flow switch is suitable for monitoring the switching point of low-viscosity liquids.

Typical fields of application:

– Cooling systems

– Heating systems

– Welding systems

– Laser cooling systems

Due to the paddle principle the device is really intensitive to dirt.

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Paddle Type Flowmeters and Switches

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