• for liquids
  • plastic version - no corrosion, favourable price
  • no spring - always the same restoring force
  • 1 Reed contact, easy adjustment of the switching point by means of set screw
  • with and without T-piece
  • low pressure loss
  • max. pressure: 10 bar, max temperature: 100 °C
  • switching ranges:
    1,5-4 l/min ... 250-600 l/min

More informations

The flow switch DP03 works according to the paddle princi­ple. The flowing medium hits the baffle plate attached to the end of pendulum. The pendulum is deflected by the corre­sponding dynamic pressure.

On the opposite side a magnet is attached. A second out­board magnet repels the paddle magnet creating a restoring force. This force is adjustable by changing the distance of the magnets by means of a screw, so that the switching point of the device can be adjusted easily and accurately. By means of the magnet, which is located on the pendulum, an external reed switch is operated without contact.

Typical applications

The flow switch DP03 provides a very cost effective yet flexi­ble way to monitor flows.

In the standard version, the device is completely made of plastic. Special variants allow the combination with metal materials and thus expand the range of applications.

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Paddle Type Flowmeters and Switches

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