• robust construction
  • high overload protection
  • low pressure loss
  • for pipe sizes from G 1/4 to G 1 1/4
  • materials: PPS / brass / stainless steel
  • max. pressure: 100 bar, max. temperature: 110 °C
  • optionally with analogue output, frequency output or limit switch
  • ranges:
    0,4...6 l/min to 1...100 l/min water

More informations

The DK04 flap type flowmeter consists of a thin flexible flap which covers the complete cross section of the flow. This flap is moved by the liquid changing the position of a magnet. The magnet's position is detected by a Hall-sensor and the attached electronic unit generates a linearised electrical signal proportional to the flow. Due to the flexible flap and a special designed thrust bearing even heavy hydraulic shocks will not damage the device. Because of the small number of wetted parts the DK04 flowmeter assures high reliable operation and it is very insensitive to particles in the flow.

Typical applications

The flowmeters type DK04 are applied to monitor and super­vise water or liquids similar to water up to a viscosity of 20 cSt. All applications where a high reproducibility is required the DK04 flowmeters can be applied with success.

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