• independent of viscosity, density, pressure, negligible pressure drop
  • materials: brass, stainless steel
  • max. pressure: 25 bar, max. temperature: 100 °C
  • output:
    4..20 mA, 0..10 V, or frequency
    2 switching outputs
  • accuracy: +/- 2% FS
  • ranges:
    0,5..80 l/min, G 1/2
    1..180 l/min, G 1
    8..1000 l/min, G 2

More informations

The DU06 flowmeter is fitted with two ultrasonic sensors that are facing each other. The echo travel time is a function of the flow rate. The sensors act alternately as transmitter and receiver.

The echo time difference is proportional to the flow rate. In contrast to other types of ultrasonic flowmeters, the sensors are oriented parallel to the flow stream. This results in an extremely compact meter which is highly accurate, has outstanding turndown ratio dynamics and can monitor and meter very high flow rates without any reduction in pipe cross-sectional area.

Typical applications

The DU06 measures, monitors and totalizes liquid flow. Among the applications for this device are cooling systems (water / glycol mixtures), non-conductive products (demineral­ized water, low viscous oils) and chemically aggressive and caustic liquids.

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