• for measurement and monitoring of velocity or volume as well as temperature of air flows
  • no moving parts, therefore insensitive to dirt
  • sensor from nickel plated brass.
  • max. pressure 10 bar, max. temperature 80 °C
  • output signals:
    transistor switch output and relay output
    analog output for flow (4...20 mA and 0...10 V)
    analog output for temperature (0...10 V)
  • ranges:
    0...1 to 0...30 m/s

More informations

Model DTL08 mass air flow sensors function according to the proven-reliable calorimetric principle. The sensor tip contains a resistor which is electronically heated. The air flowing around the sensor tip removes heat from it, thus changing its electrical resistance value. A second, unheated resistor detects the air temperature.

The temperature difference between both resistors is proportional to the flow rate and thus to the flow volume. Model DTL08 mass air flow sensors are microprocessor based and come standard with linear analogue outputs for flow rate and temperature as well as a limit contact.

Typical applications

Model DTL08 mass air flow sensors are economical, high performance units. These devices are used in applications where the flow of straight, non-turbulent air streams has to be measured or monitored. Such applications include the following: HVAC, air-supply systems, air-compressor monitoring, air-consumption measurement, leak monitoring, cooling circuits, and the like.

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