• flow measurment of air
  • analogue output: 0...10 V
  • insignificant pressure drop
  • no moving parts
  • uaffected by duct diameter, pressure and temperature
  • max. pressure: 10 bar, max. temperature: 70 °C
  • range:
    0,1...30 m/s

More informations

The air flow meters work according to the proven aclorimetric principle. A temperature-independent resistance at the sensor tip is electronically heated. The flowing air withdraws heat from it, which changes the resistance value. A second unheated resistor is used to measure the medium temperature.

The temperature difference between the two resistances is proportional to the flow velocity and thus to the volume flow. The measured values of the DTL06 can be read off analogously by a voltage signal, which is simply set on site via a built-in potentiometer.

Typical applications

The DTL06 calorimetric flowmeters are characterized by their particularly good price-perfomance ratio. The devices are used wherever laminar air flows have to be measured or monitored: For example in building services engineering, air supply, compressor monitoring, consumption measurement, leakage monitoring, cooling circuits, etc.

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