• for flow control of air
  • relay or transistor output
  • insignificant pressure loss
  • no moving parts
  • independent of nominal sizes, pressure and temperature
  • max. pressure: 10 bar, max. temperature: 80 °C
  • range:
    0,1...15 m/s

More informations

The air flow sensor operate according to the proven calori­metric principle. A temperature-independent resistor at the sensor tip is electronically heated. The flowing air withdraws heat from it, which changes the resistance value. A second unheated resistor is used to measure the medium tempera­ture.

The temperature difference of both resistors is proportional to the flow velocity and thus to the volume flow. The switching point of the DTL04 is easily adjusted by an built-in poten­tiometer.

Typical applications

The DTL04 calorimetric flow sensors are characterised by their particularly good price-performance ratio. The devices are used wherever laminar air flows have to be monitored: For example in building services engineering, exhaust and supply air control, filter monitoring, compressor monitoring, leakage monitoring, cooling circuits etc.

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