• for electrically conductive liquids
  • independent of viscosity, density, pressure or temperature of the medium
  • practically no pressure drop
  • high measurement accuracy:
    +/- 1,5 % v. MW, +/- 0,3 % v. ME
  • maintenance free
  • max. pressure 16 bar, max. temperature 90 °C
  • measuring range:
    0,5...30 l/min to 5...250 l/min

More informations

The magnetic inductive flow meter works without moving parts, is maintenance-free and has practically no pressure loss due to the free pipe cross-section. Measuring ranges from 0,5 to 250 l/min are available for this device.

Two output signal variants are available: Frequency output or analogue and frequency output.

Typical applications

  • no moving parts, therefore the DM04 is maintenance- and wear-free.
  • no components protrude into the measuring tube, thus the pressure loss is kept very small and is not greater than with a pipeline of the same length.
  • the measurement is independent of temperature, viscos­ity, concentration and pressure under normal operating conditions
  • universally applicable due to the very wide measuring span
  • foreign bodies carried along in the flow and viscous media interspersed with solids are also unproblematic.
  • due to the compact design and the low price the DM04 is suitable for serial applications.

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