• for liquids
  • fast reaction
  • no moving parts, pipe diameter independent
  • high temperature gradient, negligible pressure drop
  • max. pressure: 40 bar, max temperature: 100 °C
  • available with calibrated T-piece or integrated inlet and outlet pipes
  • universal mounting by cutting edge connection
  • high measuring range:
    2...150 cm/s and 3...300 cm/s

More informations

The calorimetric measuring technology is based on the fact, that heat energy is transferred from the surface of the probe to the medium. The higher the velocity of the medium, the more heat energy is taken away by the medium. An unheated Pt100 resistance temperature detector (RTD) embedded in the stainless steel sensor tip serves to record the medium temperature. A second RTD is electrically heated and exposed to the flow. The temperature difference of these two RTDs is proportional to the flow velocity and therefore to the flow volume. For range two, when a value of about 300 cm/s is reached there is so much heat absorbed by the medium that both RTDs have almost the same temperature, and hence the upper limit of the measuring range. is reached.

The DTH04 is a compact device and consists of a stainless steel sensor and an integral electrical unit as standard. This can be configured as a switch-, voltage-, electrical-, fre­quency- or counting pulse output version.

Typical applications

The DTH04 units are designed for effective monitoring of liquid media. Because of the low flow resistance and their relative insensitivity to contamination by solids they offer a good alternative to paddle type devices. Because of their structural shape the flow switches are suitable for every pipe diameter.
Just a minimal flow velocity is required at the sensor tip. Calorimetric flow switches are widely used in the steel and metal working industries. As well as throughout the chemical and beverage sector. Typical applications are coolant monitoring for welding robots, plasma-pumps or cooling units, dry run protection for pumps, and water monitoring in sprinkler systems.

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