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  • compact design, 48x24 mm
  • 4-digit LED indication
  • input signals: 0(4)-20 mA, 0-1, 0-10 V, frequency input, PT-1000, KTY-87-205
  • output signals: 2 transistor limit switches, serial interface RS-485
  • supply voltage: 24 VDC
SGIA Universal indicator and control unit for panel mounting

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The digital built-in measuring instrument type SGIA is used for display and processing of process signals of various sensors. The device is microprocessor controlled and therefore freely programmable.

Sensors with analogue output (current or voltage signals), fre­quency output (measuring turbines or impeller flow meters) as well as resistance thermometers and thermocouples can be connected.

Typical applications

The large, 10 mm high LED display and transistor switching outputs make the SGIA the ideal secondary instrumentation for all types of process measurement systems.

Due to the small installation dimensions of only 48x24 mm, the SGIA can also be used in confined spaces.

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