FS00 Low-cost float level switch

Easy installation.
Mercury free electromechanical switch, therefore suitable for potable water as well as for heavily polluted media.

High switch rating, 10 (8) A, 250 V.
With N/O, N/C, and SPDT switch functions.

Float weight and 5, 10 or 20 m of cable available.
Different cable materials depending on medium.

FS10 Float level switch for vertical mounting

materials: Buna, PVC, brass, stainless steel.
max. pressure:
580 psi / 40 bar
max. temperature:
176 °F / 80 °C, optionally 356 °F / 180 °C.

process connections:
1/8"...2" male thread, NPT or G
1"...2" tank fitting, NPT or G
1"...4" flanges to ANSI or DIN

min. medium density: 0,5 kg/l.
max. guide tube length: 200" / 6 m.

FS11 Float level switch for side mounting

Materials: Buna, PVC, PP, brass, stainless steel.
Max. pressure: 25 bar
Max. temperature: 180 °C

Process connection:
3/8" male, tank connector R1" or R2".

Min. medium density: 0,7 kg/l.
Max. guide tube length: 1 m.

FS14 Miniature plastic float level switch for side mounting

Material: PP or Nylon.
Max. temperature: 110 °C.

Process connection: R 1/4" male, 1/2" NPT male.

Min. medium density: 0,7 kg/l.

FS15 Miniature stainless steel float level switch for side mounting

Robust design, only one moving part.
Material: all stainless steel.

Process connection: R 1/8" male, 1/2" NPT male, G 1/2 male.

Min. medium density: 0,7 kg/l.

FS20 Bypass float level switch for mounting outside of vessel

Material: Aluminium / brass or completely stainless steel.

Process connection: Ermeto 10 or weld-on connector 12 x 2 mm (for stainless steel unit) .

Switchpoint adjustable by changing the mounting position of the switch.
100% full or empty monitoring possible.

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