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For many years flow switches for liquid media with paddle have been known for their reliability and longevity.

With the flow switches DP01 PKP Prozessmesstechnik GmbH has improved this design by combining the advantages of the proven technology with the requirements for a modern and priceworthy monitoring system for liquid media.

What has remaind as it where ?

low pressure loss

fast reaction time

good repeatability

proven in numerous large OEM applications

What has been improved ?

A stable paddle makes the flow switch more insensitive against high flow velocities and pressure surges.

The paddle spring has been exchanged against two magnets of like polarity which make up for better long term stability.

A cable connection housing enables a much more flexible electrical connection. Different cable types and lenghts may be used without problems. Easy interchangeability has been achieved by using a plug connector instead of a fixed cable.

An optical flow indication by means of an integrated LED in the plug is now available as an option.

Use the advantages of the new generation of liquid flow switches.