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Model PDS02 pressure gauges can be used to measure positive, negative or differential pressures.

The devices are enclosed in a rugged aluminum housing and have two sets of two pressure inlets – one set on the side, and one set on the back – which can be used as needed to accommodate the particular installation. Both of the unneeded pressure connections can be sealed off with the end plugs included with the gauge.

In addition to standard scales in Pa or kPa, additional scales (mm WC, PSI, double scales, ±-scales with the zero point in the middle) are available upon request.

Typical Applications:

Because of their very low cost, model PDS02 pressure gauges are particularly suitable for inexpensive monitoring of the following conditions:

  • Filter systems
  • Air ducts
  • Air blowers
  • Pressure in spray-paint booths

and other, similar applications.

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